Pre-Exam De-Stress Workshops

At Sugru – Child Development and Contextual Play Therapy Services, our primary focus is on the holistic well-being of the child or adolescent in the context of the family. Holistic refers to the “whole” health of an individual, being their psychological, emotional, social and physical health, which all constantly affect one another. We offer a range of individual and group therapies and support workshops for young people, as well as family therapy or interventions. However, at this time of the year, we are inundated with students who have upcoming exams and just find the whole experience overwhelming and really difficult to cope with. It can sometimes feel like trying to climb up a wet muddy hill and not being able to actually grip on – the whole experience can evoke a huge amount of anxiety and frustration. This year, we have devised a workshop that is being delivered in the Athlone Springs Hotel, Monksland and the Raheen Woods Hotel, Athenry, which aim to address this difficulty. The workshop will be delivered by Sugru’s leading psychologists and authors, Arlene Naughten and Lorraine Lynch, who specialize in adolescent mental health and developmental psychology. As co-founders of #100happydays4kids, they fully comprehend the importance of a healthy mind for young people. While there will always be stressful times, the lesson is how to hold and deal with the anxiety. As such, in a relaxed and comfortable environment, Arlene and Lorraine will explain all about how anxiety manifests within the body and mind and how to recognise the symptoms early on before they lead to more difficult situations. Stress can impact on the psychological and physical health of a person so it is vital to be able to understand the symptoms. Often, something as simple as a “pulled muscle in my shoulder” can actually be a direct result of fearful or anxious thoughts. Of course, many of you will already be feeling stressed so you will learn how to engage in a number of useful stress-reducing strategies, including deep breathing, body scans and thought training. Research has supported the effectiveness of mindfulness as a therapeutic intervention for chronic anxiety and, as such, you will learn all about the background of this technique and how to practice mindfulness with the help of two highly trained psychologists. It is recommended that mindfulness be practiced in the weeks leading up to the exams but it can also be utilized in the exam itself to help clear the mind of stress and allow you to focus your attention and concentrate. Mindfulness CDs can be ordered on the day for you to take what you have learned forward and engage in mindfulness in the morning time before you begin your day or last thing at night for a more restful sleep. For more information, please email Sugru on or give us a bell on 090-64-99144.


Sugru1Pre-Exam De-Stress Workshops

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