Mammy & Baby Well-Being Workshop for New & Expecting Mothers

We are delighted to bring our Mammy & Baby Well-being Workshop to Dublin this March, to give new and expecting mammies in the area access to a psychological antenatal programme, something that is unfortunately not provided through our maternity hospitals.

This workshop is designed for all mothers who are expecting or have a child under one year (who is of course welcome to come along with Mammy to the workshop). The purpose of the workshop is essentially to serve as a Psychological Antenatal class, providing parents with the tools to support themselves and their babies at the most psychologically vulnerable time of their lives.

Having a baby is a major life event that involves dramatic changes – to daily routine, to sleep, to relationships, and to self-identity. This transition can be made even more difficult if the mother has experienced a tramatic birth or when other life pressures arise at this time e.g. moving house, loss of supports, relationship difficulties, financial pressures. Often mothers can feel overwhelmed with disappointment and unmet expectations about their child or about the birth or about their feelings towards their child; but when one is embarassed to express these feelings they carry that shame on top of everything else they are feeling at this vulnerable time. It can also be very difficult in the first year of a child’s live where parents find themselves underpressure to have their baby meeting certain milestones and can feel inadquate when they feel their child is falling behind their peers developmentally. All of these experiences are perfectally normal, however knowing how to care for yourself during this time is important to be able to form secure attachments with your child.

In this Mammy & Baby Well-Being Workshop, Arlene provides parents with fundamental information about human development from conception through babyhood, with the main focus being on prenatal and postnatal stages of development and the psychological relevenace of these periods for mammy and baby.

Topics covered in this workshop include prenatal development and influences, psychological impact of births and post-natal self-care, biological and environmental influences on perinatal wellbeing, vulnerability and resilience in children, capabilities of the newborn, sleeping and soothing techniques, supporting attachement,  and mindful parenting.

Having one biological daughter and one foster son herself, Arlene brings not only her professional expertise to this workshop, but also the personal experience of those darker days that can for many wormen come at what is supposed to be the happiest moments of their lives.

Limited spaces are available at this workshop to ensure a safe and secure place for mammies (and babies) to come and experience these psychological well-being techniques.


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Sugru1Mammy & Baby Well-Being Workshop for New & Expecting Mothers


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