Therapeutic Christmas Fun for the Kiddies!!

(And a guilt-free last minute sneaky shopping trip for you…)

This Christmas season, the children are all excited for the end of a school-term and the beginning of family-time! Sometimes, the sudden change into what can be an emotional holiday means children with regulation issues can often find it difficult to adjust.

We are running this limited edition one-day camp on Dec. 17th in Athlone & Athenry (10am-3pm) to allow children the time to explore their worlds, unwind in a safe space, make new little friends and engage in therapeutically-beneficial fun…making the transition that bit smoother. Children of 4-12 years are welcome to attend and we love to include children of all abilities, while also celebrating unique differences. Our camp facilitators work on a 6:1 ratio so we can meet every child’s need.

Activities include:

Mystery Stocking – guess what’s in the stocking as it’s passed from one child to the next (sensory integration)

Treasure Hunt – children will work collaboratively to find gifts using their team’s Christmas-themed map (executive functioning (EF))

Who Am I? – Create festive versions of themselves using sensory materials and create a shared scene for their festive self to call their home (self-expression, esteem, non-directive sensory art)

Christmas Fashion Show – using a bag of materials, children are given free reign to be any Christmas character they want before walking down the runway (expression, esteem, EF, coordination)

Guess the Christmas Song – each child hums their favourite song, while we all guess until we get it (cooperation & attention)

Limbo with a Belly – it involves limboing under tinsel with a big fat belly under a certain red coat (moohawhaw!) (motor coordination)

Festive Mindfulness – allowing the child space and time to relax the mind and body

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If you have any questions around the suitability of the camp for your child, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 09064-99144 or email



Sugru1Therapeutic Christmas Fun for the Kiddies!!

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